Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well today as I was driving down the road, I heard a song that reminder me of Justin, the song is by Jackson Browne and it is called the load out. I didnt know that but I had to find the name of the song because I have always liked it and now the song reminds me Justin.
I also met with my friend Nanci from work for lunch, that was a lot of fun. We ate at Garcias, they seem to always have good food. Well that is it for today, the kids get out of school early tomorrow and we have some stuff we need do to. that will keep me busy.

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Anonymous said...

My dear Diana
My heart breaks for you! Losing a Sil is NOT the same as losing a son...I do know that some of the heartache is similiar and my heart feels shattered so I cannot even begin to imagine your heartache. I think writing is good. I heard that somewhere...
Love ang Hugs